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Law Enforcement Training in Marietta, GA

Law Enforcement Training in Marietta, GA

Marietta Recycling Corp provides classes about the scrap metal industry to local law enforcement in order to help reduce metal theft. The classes are free and give officers and detectives basic knowledge about the scrap metal industry. Officers and detectives who take the classes will have a better understanding of how to find and arrest scrap metal thieves in their jurisdiction.

Metal Thefts

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Metal thefts are a common crime. They are more prevalent than ever because the price of metal has risen at an alarming rate in recent years. The metals most at risk for theft are aluminum, bronze, brass, and copper. Metal thefts hurt everyone in the community. They can cause property values to drop and stall important construction projects.

Metal thefts are different than other types of crime. IT requires unique skills to understand the extent of what was stolen and to properly track the criminals. Marietta Recycling Corp works hard to ensure that area law enforcement has the skills required to prevent as many metal thefts as possible.

Marietta Recycling Classes

The classes provided by Marietta Recycling Corp help build a network of communication between law enforcement and the recycling in the area. The network opens up the lines of communication between police officers and recyclers. This allows scrap metal thefts to be reported faster. In addition, the network helps law enforcement apprehend criminals more efficiently. Law enforcement agencies that already participated:

  • Marietta Police
  • Cobb County Police
  • Kennesaw Police
  • Acworth Police
  • Kennesaw State University Police
  • Holly Springs Police
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Although the classes offered by Marietta Recycling Corp are still in the beginning stages, they are already making an impact. There are plans in place to expand the program throughout the state and amplify its success. One of the main goals of Marietta Recycling is to recruit other recycling companies and teach them how to provide similar training classes to the law enforcement agencies in their own areas.

It is impossible to completely stop metal theft. However, Marietta Recycling Corp is determined to work to reduce theft as much as possible. Please call Marietta Recycling Corp (770) 425-6600 if you are a recycling business or are interested in joining the anti-metal theft network.